Admission Opens for classes from Kindergarten to Grade XII



For all grade registration and for the admission to the new academic year commences on 1st Monday of April every year. In all cases, admission procedures laid down by the CBSE, will be followed.

Age Eligibility: For admission to K2, the child must be three & half years old by 31st of July. Corresponding age limits will be followed for respective classes. Children have to meet the stipulated age requirement for admission to Future Senior Secondary School as on June 1st of the year. The required age limit for each grade is mentioned in the following table:

Grade Age
KG 2 3 Years 6 Months
KG 3 4 years 6 Months
Grade 1 5 years 6 Months
Grade 2 6 years 6 Months
Grade 3 7 years 6 Months
Grade 4 8 years 6 Months
Grade 5 9 years 6 Months
Grade 6 10 years 6 Months
Grade 7 11 years 6 Months
Grade 8 12 years 6 Months
Grade 9 13 years 6 Months
Grade 10 14 years 6 Months
Grade 11 15 years 6 Months
Grade 12 16 years 6 Months

Readiness Assessment:

Student seeking admission for the grades I to XII, readiness assessment will be conducted. In case of K2 and K3 children, Interview will be conducted to test the communication and readiness.

Parents who wish to apply for the admission can get the application form in the school office. Students must go through the entrance exam and must attain atleast 60% to clear the entrance exam.

Stages of Study

  1. Kindergarten Level K2- K3
  2. Primary Level – Grade I to V
  3. Middle Years Programme – Grade VI to VIII
  4. Secondary School Level – Grade IX and X
  5. Senior secondary level Grades XI and XII


The duly filled application form should be submitted to the School Office on or before the stipulated date with the following documents as applicable,

  • Transfer Certificate.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Copy of Community Certificate.
  • Copy of Aadhar card.
  • Six passport size photographs, two stamp size photographs of the child and one photograph of parents.

Note: For students from other Boards, it should be duly verified and counter signed by the competent authority of the Education Department of District /Area from where the T.C has been obtained.
Original documents of the submitted photocopies should be made available upon request for verification.


Admission will be confirmed with the following process,

  1. Submission of the admission form
  2. Submission of documents as mentioned in the above section
  3. Payment of the fees.