About us

Future School CBSE is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. Code No. 1930465 and in accordance with that we prepare students for the All India Secondary School Examination, conducted by the board at the Grade IX and Grade X Level. The CBSE allotted School No. 46170. Our CBSE School in Chennai is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Institution, certificated Number: 690876.

The Future School CBSE believes in Holistic Education through quality process and progress we believe that the child and facilitator must Learn, Discover and Share Knowledge with all. As a part of an extensive range of facilities made available to the children from kindergarten to Secondary Grade levels, the school provides well-equipped interactive class rooms with Digi – Board, Smart Boards, Science Laboratories, Computer Lab , Maths Lab , Library and Facilities for Co-Scholastic Activities like Yoga, Karate , Music , Dance , Drama And various Sports targeted at physical fitness. DVD For all Subjects and chapters are available & add value to the Teaching Learning Process. We are moving towards Hi- tech & making the Future ready & create a win situation. All communication henceforth will be sent through SMS only.
Our Priority is to see that the students are mould into good citizens who will honour and uphold the integrity of the school and nation. Our effort is also to develop academic excellence, social skills and participate in co-curricular activities. We try and give a balanced environment, where the basic moral values are imbibed by the students, for a meaningful, responsible and active learning.

International school

A exclusive learning programme was introduced in our school from PreKG to 10th Std. It aims at freeing children from the heavily loaded School Bag and overburden Note Books. It makes learning, more creative and full of fun. School is a place for adventure and creative thinking.